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Texas Lottery – History And Education

The Texas Lottery was founded in 1991. However the Lottery is not launched until 1992. The first game offered is a scratch off game. The same year the Lottery offers for 14 consecutive weeks $1 Million Grand Prize Drawings. At the end of 1992 the first lottery games, Lotto Texas is launched and the first jackpot won was $21.8 million. The pick 3 is launched in 1993 and later in the year the Win for Life instant ticket is launched too. In 1994 the Lottery is named the No. 1 lottery in the country because of its sales. By 1995 the Lottery introduced vending machines for the instant tickets, and a Lotto Texas jackpot of $12.4 million passed its claim date. The Lottery holds a Lotto Texas Second Chance Drawings every year since 1996 and prizes total $2 million in a four week period are given out in the first year. In 1997 the Lottery offers the player the Cash Value Option for the Lotto Texas players. In 1998 one of the most popular instant tickets ever in the state is launched. The game is called Bucks ‘N Trucks. By 1998 Cash 5 is also on sale and the fourth lottery game launched is Texas Million. Texas Million is discontinued in 2001.

The Texas Lottery launched its site in 1999 and they also offered a toll free numbers providing information about where one could play Bingo. In 2001 the Texas two step game is launched.

Later the same year a Lotto Texas ticket for a $13 million jackpot expired. The jackpot was transferred to the state’s Multicategorical Teaching Hospital Account. In 2002 the Harley Davidson instant game is launched as well as the first Day drawing of the Pick 3 game. During the same year the Cash 5 game is replaced with a new version called Cash five. The new Cash Five has a guaranteed $2 prize for 2 winning numbers. In 2003 the Texas Lottery joined the Amber Alert Network. They also offered a special instant game called $2,000,000 Spectacular.

The game is on sale for a limited period of time though. At the end of 2003 the Mega Million game started playing in Texas with a Megaply option. In 2004 the first $30 scratch game is launched. In 2005 the fist ever commemorative instant game was launched. Three years later the first $50 instant game was launched too. Before 1997 all the profits were sent to the General Revenue Fund. After that year the profits were sent to the Foundation School Fund to support public education. The Lottery gave over $9 billion to public education.

The unclaimed prizes go back to the Lottery. You can cash a prize for the Lottery retailers as long as the tickets are validated and the winnings do not exceed $600. However retailers are not obliged to pay your winnings and they can choose to pay them by checks or money orders if they have no cash available. You can also claim any winnings up to $1 million at any Lottery Office by mail or in person. If you claim your prizes by mail you have to fill in a claim form. Any prize over $1 million has to be claimed at the Lottery Headquarters. You have to pay tax income on your winnings. You have up to 180 days from the draw date of the ticket to claim your prizes. Scratch off tickets are valid up to 180 days after the game ended. All the tickets have to be bought from authorized Lottery retailers. You can pay for the tickets with cash, debit cards or checks if allowed by retailers. If you are part of a group of players you should know that only one person is allowed to claim the prize. For further questions one might have the Tx Lottery offers a toll free number (1-800-375-6886).

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